Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ok…I should probably start by explaining the name of my blog.  I originally wanted the title to be ‘The hellish life of a frustrated rock star mom who always wanted to be a groupie but doesn’t have a whole lotta sex appeal and also,  she never really wanted to go on an actual tour bus because you can’t even POOP on there so what the fuck, and so now she makes stupid assed crafts to amuse her friends and then she drags those unwilling (ie classy) friends to every rock show she can.  Oh and she is not frustrated because she wants to be a rock star. She’s frustrated because she would like to own one kind of like a pet. Amen.’ But what SUCKS is that that awesome and highly original title is too long. And then I figured out that I left out the most important part, because hellllooo, pretty much everyone is going to want to read this for all of my parenting advice (which is fucking amazing).  Also if swearing offends you, please go find a different blog and probably different friends because my guess is that you’re a real party pooper.