Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Chicken I Made the Time I Almost Burned the House Down

I started to call this recipe 'The Chicken Recipe I Stole From Martha Stewart', but truthfully it's known around my house as 'The Chicken I Made the Time I Almost Burned the House Down.' Because I did.  The butter and olive oil splattered all over the side of my pan, gas heat turned up get the picture, right?? Luckily my quick thinking saved the day and dinner. 
Ok- first the ingredients:  1 tbs Olive Oil, 1 tbs Butter, 4 chicken breasts (Save the boneless, skinless for another night. Tonight we want them with skin on and bone in) Salt and Pepper.  Oh! You'll need a buttload of paper towels, too.  You'll also need a frying pan and a baking sheet. That's almost it!
The secret to getting the skin really crispy, delicious and pretty is to dry the chicken thoroughly first AND to get the olive oil and butter super hot before you put the chicken in the pan.  Really, all you do is dry the chicken, salt and pepper it and then fry it, skin side down, until it's pretty and brown.  Then you transfer it to the baking sheet put it in a 400 degree oven for about 35 minutes. (when you put it on the baking sheet, it should be skin side up.  I thought you probably knew this already, but just in case...)  After 35 minutes, check the temperature- when it reads 165 degrees, it's done.  How easy is that?! Oh! You can also make a sauce from the pan drippings- you add 1 tbs butter and 1 tbs lemon juice and stir, cooking in the pan for about a minute.  That's all- it's super easy and really, really good.  And also slightly dangerous, which I love of course.