Monday, May 30, 2011

My Guest on HWFI for June...

June is my birthday month and therefore oh so very special to me, so believe me when I say it was a tough decision.  This is Matt Montgomery aka Piggy D- he plays bass for Rob Zombie.  How cute is he?!

I know, but remember when I said that my first crush was Eddie Munster?

I sooo wasn't joking!  Anyway, below is a better picture.  He's very well groomed for a rocker dude and he looks like he smells good, doesn't he?

Wenifer, S and I will be seeing Mr. PD live with the amazing Mr. Rob Zombie when he comes to town for the Hot as Hell Festival this coming July.  I'll be in the front row waving my ginormous 'I Heart PD' sign, of course. I may or may not be singing along to every song loudly and off key.  

I love his stuff with Zombie, naturally, but his solo stuff rocks, too.  Now you should totally go download his new single from itunes- it's called 'God Save the Queen Bee'.

Oh- I stole these pictures fair and square from his Facebook.  Credit goes to whomever it needs to.