Friday, July 8, 2011

This thing almost killed me this morning...

What. The. Fuck. This thing almost killed me this morning in my back yard.  It's called a 'Cow Killer Ant', but it's actually a wasp and the sting is said to be so painful it can kill a cow.  Now of course, I have the heebie jeebies so I apologize to everyone who sees me today if my hair accidently brushes my shoulder or basically if the wind blows in general and I stop drop and roll my way out of town.  Because I totally think it might be chasing me even though I sprayed 2 cans of bug spray on it and squished it with Frank's ginormous hunting boot 87 times.  Then I flushed the boot down the toilet. Also, I just saw a teeny ant on my window and I ran out of the room screaming "Oh, God, take the children- they probably taste better anyway!"

Even though I advised you to never Google things in my post about Anal Bleaching, I strongly suggest that you go Google this right now and remember to save yourself- you don't have to be faster than the ant- you just have to be faster than your family!