Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dirty Girl World Cartoon...or something like that

This morning I was enjoying my few precious moments before the children woke up by watching a little TV and looking for documentaries on various World Wars and already know that's a lie, so I'll just admit I was channel surfing for The Smurfs (I love cartoons. LOVE.) when I came across a cartoon called 'Dirty Girl World Cartoon'.  Or something like that.  I passed it too fast to remember the actual title, but I swear it was almost nearly exactly 'Dirty Girl World Cartoon.' Of course, I had to Google it, despite my previous warnings to myself and others to stop Googling shit. Do you want to know what I found?  Page after page after page of cartoon porn.  I'm not joking.  I'm worried that there's some kind of real porn shortage that I obviously know nothing about.  I'm worried that cartoon porn is a joke I don't understand.  I'm even more worried that it isn't a joke.  I mean, there's already clown porn, which I kind of get because clowns are creepy as hell and the world is full of weirdos, but cartoon porn?!?!  Really???
I'm also worried that some poor innocent child is going to try to find this cartoon on the internet and receive instead an education on both cartoons and porn that they really don't need.  It will also educate them about the minds of some adults.  They don't need that shit either.  It's fucked up.