Sunday, August 21, 2011

Housewife Fantasy Island Guest for August and September

Ok..I'll just admit it:  I hogged Piggy D the months of June, July and part of August and kept him against his will on HWFI.  I really am sorry, but I just couldn't stop myself.  Alas, woman cannot live on Pig alone, I'm ready for a change.  Know who this is??

This is Dj Ashba.  I feel totally comfortable calling him the best guitar player ever.

He is so unbelievably talented AND he's super, duper cool to his fans!

He was in Las Vegas the same time I was and I didn't try to stalk him one time!  Aren't you proud?!

I even knew where he was staying...what was wrong with me?!?!

My brain was clearly clouded by alcohol consumption.  I should have stalked the hell out of him.

Nah, he's so cute that the first thing that came out of my mouth would have been something profound like 'I'm so nervous I have diarrhea."

I called dibs on him way back when he was in a band called Beautiful Creatures
He really is talented in an other worldly kind of way- he's a musician, producer, songwriter plus he's the CEO of Ashba Media.  He also has some badass merch- go check it out at ASHBA Swag!