Monday, August 15, 2011

Las Vegas (Part Two)

Here is another piece of information about Las Vegas that I almost forgot to tell you:  all of Mandalay Bay Casino (except our rooms, which was ironic) and a good portion of Las Vegas, smells like a fart.  The bad kind of farts where your husband holds your head under the covers or locks the windows in your car and won't let you roll them down for hours after said incident because you willl make a 'fart swirl' and you believe him because you're oxygen deprived and high on fumes.

The Hoodie Awards in our hotel may or may not have been responsible for some of it, but with major awards to be given out in categories like 'Best Fried Chicken' and 'Best Soul Food', who could blame them?  Besides, the smell continued as we walked through Las Vegas especially into and out of taxi cabs.  Plus, did you know there are NO fart fans in Mandalay Bay and probably none in all of Las Vegas?  (I'm not sure why someone would bother to build a hotel in the first place if there were no fart fans AND they were going to make a 13th floor- it's just mean!)

Also, there's no Coke anywhere in the town- just Pepsi.  I mean, I think there's Coke in the bathroom at Cabo Wabo, but first you would have to ask the waitresses what they were doing huddled up in that one bathroom stall that made them so mad when I barged in.  It may or may not have been Pepsi but I'm pretty sure there was Coke involved somewhere.