Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dj Ashba and Ashba Swag

Those of you 'in the know' know that Dj Ashba treats his fans well- he is AWESOME!!!! I was recently beyond happy to discover that the people who work with him at Ashba Swag are just as awesome.  You see, I wanted a poster of Dj for my office (if you don't know who he is, this is one of those times you should totally go Google him-  gorgeous.  Wait- gorgeous times a zillion.  I don't care that a zillion isn't a real number either) But what's the point unless it's signed to little ole me??  So, I emailed his office- expecting the brushoff, to be perfectly honest- and ya know what happened instead?  After I gave Shannon my sob story about writing a silly blog about my crushes on rock stars and such and after explaining how much I NEEDED my poster personalized...she made it happen.  Super fast, too.  I'm going to post a picture of it later, because it's magnificent!  I'll love Shannon forever and I would bake her cookies, or send her flowers if that wouldn't appear slightly 'overzealous' (in other words, perhaps slightly psycho) on my part.  I told her to consider herself hugged bunches and I think that was crazy just the right amount.

Anyway, how many times do you hear of rock stars (or their staff) going out of their way to make someone happy??  Their customer service gets an A+++ from me!