Friday, September 16, 2011

Piggy D Tour Pack from Oklahoma ... headed my way! No way!  I just ordered it this week and it's already on the way to my sweet little hands...I think that's even faster than the poster I ordered from Dj Ashba, but we'll see how the postal service performs. 
The tour pack is courtesy of my darling hubby who said "For the love of God, you're going to keep asking me about it over and over until I give in and say 'yes' aren't you?" which I took to mean "Order it today!  Put it on the credit card!  You're so pretty and I think you may have lost weight!" (Because that is how you translate husband talk and it isn't  called 'fudging' it's called 'marriage' or as I like to refer to it 'happy wife, happy life.'  Stay tuned.  I know loads of shit about marriage.)
The tour pack contains a shirt he wore onstage in the Oklahoma show (I'm probably almost 100% sure it's the one he was wearing when we had 'our moment'.) 
1 Set of Used Bass Strings From The Show
2 PD Limited Edition Guitar Picks
1 Personalized Signed 8x10 of Piggy D...naked (ok, I'm sure he's fully clothed. Just checking to see if you're listening)
1 Sticker
1 "Skunky D." Plush Toy with button
1 Key chain
1 Button Set (3)
1 Pocket Mirror

I asked the wonderfully helpful Brie at Black Victory to have him sign the picture to "Christine, the most beautiful woman in the world"  or "Christine, I can't believe you married Frank when you could have had me" or the most likely of choices, "Christine."  Yeah.  I know.  I'm extremely positive it will be made out to "Christine" and I'm ok with that.  I'm also extremely positive that the next time he's in town that the big burly security dudes will be made aware of 'a possible security threat who goes by the name "Christine."  There may be some kind of restraining order, too, I don't know but I couldn't give a shit because the tour pack is on its way to me right this very second. 

Now if only all of my musician friends (my real  friends, not the ones who are imaginary) would hurry up and send me the shit they pinky promised to send.  You know who you are.  Slackers!

Then I'll have to get busy painting and hanging all of my stuff up and then I'll have to start writing better stuff like I promised.  Fuck.