Monday, September 19, 2011

Something else about raising boys...

First of all, I promised Colin I would NOT put this story on today I'm teaching him  about a little something called a 'white lie'.  But I also had to teach him what a 'courtesy flush' is and how to use a plunger, so I figure we're even.

This is a little piece of  wisdom I imparted upon my oldest Baby C this am:

Colin:(from bathroom):  Wow, Mom! I'm full of poop today!

Me:  Mmmmm...ok. (thinking about Frank for a moment) Perhaps a courtesy flush, son??

Colin:  What's a courtesy flush and I have poop on my hands.

Me:  A courtesy flush is when you flush in the middle of a poop so you don't have to use a little something called a 'plunger' and you need to wash your hands with soap.  This is why you always wash your hands with SOAP after you poop- there might be some poop on your hands that you don't see.  Then, what if you go and eat a sandwich?

Colin:  Oh, Mommy!  Then I would be eating a poop sandwich!  That would be hilarious!   And awesome!  My friends would be all 'ewwwww' and I'd be all 'no, it's cool- I like poop sandwiches...'

I didn't really know what to say after that so I just showed him how to use a plunger in silence.  This is one of those times, I really, really thing Frank would have done a better job at teaching our children something because I somehow made eating a shit sandwich sound cool.