Monday, September 19, 2011

Waiting for my tour pack sucked...

Luckily, I have no idea how it got here so fast, but...

Yes.  I took my wedding picture out of this frame to put PD in- I couldn't help myself. 
 That is just one of the cool things my order contained- I am in PD heaven today AND he was faster than Dj Ashba which is saying a lot!  Plus, he signed my picture to 'My favorite rock star mom' so, that means out of all of them, I am his very favorite.  There may only be one or two others...or maybe none..but it doesn't matter because I'm his favorite.

I do however have serious doubts that the shirt contained in the pack was worn because it was 113 degrees here, there were WALLS of pyro and the shirt doesn't smell like anything but new.  I had a virtual 'smell the shirt' party at my house today and my friends and I decided several things.  One- maybe it WAS new and he was embarassed of how much he sweated here and didn't want to send me a crunchy shirt or two - (my favorite) he smells really, really good, (like sunshine and candy) therefore no sweat.  Or three- he just sends out new ones because really, who but me would smell the armpits and the belly button area of an allegedly used shirt?  Besided as one of my dear male friends pointed out "Don't you think HE thinks it's weird that YOU want to smell his sweaty shirt??"  Touche', Ryan, touche'.  One of my neighbors suggested that I ask for a pair of his used undies so I can compare, but I believe that would mark me of the off the 'slightly crazy' list and move me onto the 'call 911' list forever. 

Anyway I don't give a rats arse if it's new or not because it's going to look badass in my office!!!!

Plus, now he's back on HWFI with me .  He totally deserves a break!