Friday, September 16, 2011

What Pregnancy and Aging do to Men's Bodies...

I sooo did not forget about men's bodies when I wrote my post about post pregnancy vaginas- I was just saving it.  Because it totally deserves a post of its very own. 

It's a widely known fact that men gain weight while their wives are pregnant.  It just happens.  Wife wants to eat two fast food breakfasts in a row (I couldn't help it- McDonald's and Chick Fil A have AWESOME breakfasts) and hubby goes along to drive because wife needs to eat the first breakfast before they get the second because if she doesn't, she'll either puke all over God and everybody or kill God and everybody.  He ends up eating two fast food breakfasts, too.

But what is NOT a widely known fact is that God puts men and women on equal footing when it comes to unattractive aging genitals:  they're called old man testicles.  Please feel free to Google them.