Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Adding a little love to the evil lair...

I acquired this picture today and I think it's fitting in two ways:  One, it's below Dj Ashba whom I LOVE in a totally unhealthy way and two, it's the purpose of my life-- to love and be loved.

Yeah, I really do think the meaning of life is that simple.  Plus, I think I'm a fucking genius for figuring it out...well, I'm a genius and so are the 50 million people who figured it out before I did.

If you're friends with me, it's likely that I will eventually jump on you and lick your face because being friends with me is like being friends with a really enthusiastic Golden Retriever puppy.  I will love you and I will tell you I love you a lot.  I will also show you I love you and let's just pray you're a hugger with no need for personal space.  Good thing that I have managed to acquire the best, most understanding friends in addition to a new picture!

To all my friends past, present and future- please know that you are loved today.  A lot.  By me.