Thursday, November 10, 2011

The List...Amended

I'm really starting to get excited about seeing Wednesday 13 in January- I have the two bravest friends in the world for going with me...even though I might have accidentally told them we were going to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir instead.  They may be puzzled, briefly, regarding the fact that I'll be wearing my Sally costume, but they're both super smart so I'm sure they'll catch on quickly. And they'll be delighted!  (If not,  I'm filling them full of alcohol.  Fuck it.  I'm doing that regardless)

I was sitting here sad as can be because one of my favorite drummers in the world, Ben Graves, isn't playing with him.  Then I started missing Acey Slade.  Then Eric Griffin.  THEN it dawned on me- remember my very first piece of rock memorabilia??  The early Murderdolls??  Signed by Wednesday and Joey??  Ben and Eric are so in that picture!!  (Acey is missing- doesn't matter.  I love him anyway)  That's the picture that started it all for me and I'm starting to amass quite the impressive collection!  Anyway, I was just feeling a little nostalgic for 2002, so I decided to add Ben, Acey and Eric to my official list...right under Matt.  For now.  I'm fickle.