Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I'm in the process of posting my recent family pictures, so I thought I would take a moment to tell you about how amazing our photographer is.  He's a close friend of mine, his wife is equally amazing and his kids are totally perfect and precious.  I met Ryan when I worked at a preschool his son, Ayden, attended.  Long story short, fell in love with his son (how could you not?!?!  He's the greatest thing since sliced bread...I can't wait to get my hands on Ryan's new baby.  I feel that inserting evil laughter here would be inappropriate...like I'm going to bribe him into loving me with endless suckers and Popsicles or something...as if!)  Anyway, when the school closed, I practically forced Ryan to let me continue taking care of Ayden.  That's when I feel like I really got to know his whole family and let me tell you I adore all of them- even his mom and dad ROCK!!  Ryan is really funny and we tease him...mercilessly, really, about being 'one of the girls' and he's a great sport.  We also tease him about what a giant nerd he is, but we do it lovingly.  And well, he IS a giant nerd.  But he's also an incredibly gifted photographer- I mean he made my whole family look good at the EXACT SAME TIME, too.  So obviously he's into voodoo, too (or maybe photo shop.  I don't care- I love the pictures that much!)

Anyway he tolerated our shenanigans so well and he really encouraged my kids to be themselves- even if it meant enduring rocks being lobbed at his manhood by Demon.  He put up with my totally bizarre idea of having a mud fight in my backyard.  He put up with me bitching constantly because I didn't have an entourage (yet...it's in the works) and my constant reminder "young and thin, Ryan- make me look young AND thin!"  The picture taking process felt like we were hanging around with my best friend, doing our own goofy thing and it just happened to get captured on film.  He is the BEST and if you don't use him for your own family pictures, you're insane.

Oh- he hates the term 'BFF' (also the word 'panties'- he's horrified if we accidentally refer to his son's under wear as 'panties.  I promised I would include that in my blog post, btw)  Anyway, once I was teasing him about being his BFF and he countered with 'you're my MFBFF!'  I think we all know what that means-  it means that his family is stuck with my family forever. That's the kindest thing anyone has ever said to me.  If I had a heart, I might get teary right now.  Thank God I'm heartless.