Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Shit Nobody Cares About But Me...

Ever since we watched Hall Pass, Frank has been harassing me about adding images to his 'spank bank.'  You know what this means, right??  I'm so not taking Piggy D out of our wedding picture frame AND I'm ordering him a Joey Jordison mask.  He'll wear it.  And he's gonna like it.

This evening when it was time to take out the trash, Frank gleefully carried me to the curb, kicking and screaming.  Something tells me he may meet Evil Christine later tonight.  She'll be delighted- she's been cooped up far too long.

Did I already tell you that I ate all the kid's candy for their stockings?  Gotta go back to Ida Red for Nik L Nips and I sure do hate that...

My Babiest Baby C walked out of his bedroom tonight and said "Hey- I'm gonna shave my balls."  He's 3.  No. Fucking. Idea.

Ya know what I miss?  Liner notes, Pantera and my life before children.  Not in that order.

"Balloon fight on the dining room table all you want guys, but if one of you knocks over my wine, IT'S ON!!!!"