Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This week's wine post...

So, remember how I promised to write better blog posts if you guys sent me some awesome signed music memorabilia shit??  Well...this is it so far.  I've decided to write one post a week AFTER (and only after) I've had what I consider, too much to drink.  I want to add that 'too much to drink' to me means more than two glasses of wine because I'm an amateur.  The reason I've decided to do this is because, believe it or not, I censor myself on here.  I know, right?  But I do.  This is the one blog post where I won't take anything back. ( yikes.)

Ok...a ridiculously large number of people find this blog by googling 'Dj Ashba's Mother'.  I'm NOT Dj Ashba's mother.  I would like to add that while it's certainly funny, he's TWO YEARS younger than I am.  TWO YEARS, people.  It's physically impossible for me to be his mother.  Plus, it's nasty because I love him in an unholy way.  So please stop.  I don't know who his mama is, but I'm guessing she has better things to do than be googled.

Frank thinks I'm trying to murder him by giving him food poisoning.  I, however, have eaten the same thing he has and I feel mostly fine.  Monska's hubby has just eaten the same thing we had for dinner, so let's all keep our fingers crossed that nobody dies and this blog post is never used as an 'exhibit' or 'evidence'.  If it is, can I please count on you to have my back?

I'm staying up late so I can clean my house before the awesome lady who helps me with my housework comes to clean up after me tomorrow.  Please file this under #problemsintheburbs or #stupidassproblems.

I did all of my Christmas shopping on Amazon which means that every day, when the UPS dude comes, I feel like I'm getting a present.  Plus, I actually ordered something for myself every time I ordered something for the kids so I really AM getting a present.  Yaaaay me and don't tell Frank.  Frank reads this religiously??  Oh, fuuuuck.

I broke my stupidly expensive headphones this evening while having a teeny tiny hissy fit.  This means I showed them  because now I don't have the only thing that keeps me sane (music) to keep me sane PLUS I have to buy new stupidly expensive headphones.  Fucking idiot. 

Ok.  That's it for now.  If I have anyting else to say, I promise I'll do it quickly, k??  In the meantime, stop googling Dj Ashba's mom!!