Thursday, August 11, 2011

Las Vegas' Most Uninvited Guest

Guess who decided to join me on my trip to Las Vegas? Aunt Flo. And she's two weeks, a new white skirt, 2 pairs of white pants and one awesome sparkly white bikini too late. I wanna kick Mother Nature in her ovaries.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why You Really Do NOT want to have a child...No, Seriously- Don't

I'm feeling a little guilty about my looming Las Vegas getaway- I know that Frank's mom and my sis in law will be here with the Baby C's. The boys are already excited and I'm sure they'll  never even notice I'm gone, but...

Tonight I couldn't resist one last snuggle with the littlest Baby C during Yo Gabba Gabba- I leaned in, held his face and gently whispered "I love you."

He instantly reached over to my face, cupping my cheek with tenderness and whispered "Shut up."

Screw the kids- I'll be day drunk Thursday as soon as I get to the hotel.