Wednesday, June 20, 2012

OK!  This is the last- the very last- post that isn't about rock stars, I pinky promise.  But tonight I just couldn't say no...and, as you already know, saying no isn't my forte.

I have a very dear friend who confessed (many months ago) that she woke up in the middle of the night feeling suicidal.  The pressures and responsibilities of being a wife and mom were just too much to comprehend.  Granted, this feeling of helplessness was blessedly brief for her, but it left me wondering how many women feel this pressure, this...despair.  And even more, how many women admit this to anyone, especially other women.

After my friend brought this to my attention, she and I started looking around and you know what we found?  We found that there were countless- and I mean that literally, countless- stories of women from all walks of life, all races, all religions who were going through the exact same shit that we were- that we all are.

Something you should know about women, if you don't already:  we can be brutal.  Especially to each other.  We're critical and judgemental. We're harsh and unforgiving.  At least, we are when we're the point that we're adults, we should have all evolved beyond that, right?  Not so fast, Skippy- some of us don't ever get there.

I'm lucky beyond all belief to have a core group of the finest, most beautiful, most genuinely supportive women friends on the planet.  We're tough, but fair.  We may not talk every day, but when we do, we're unfailingly supportive and loving.  We'll also occasionally cuff each other on the ears if need be (and God help you if you try to cuff us on the ears without a written invitation) but mostly, we have each other's backs.  We got this shit, y'all- in spades- and we have no time for bullshit...except for each other's bullshit. We're girl's girls.  We're badass.  And we make no apologies for how much we love each other. 

Some of my finest friends are also related to me and have known me since birth. Some, I met yesterday.  Doesn't matter.  When you get it, you get it.  And we totally do.

Being a wife and a mom is amazing.  Amazingly fantastic.  Sometimes amazingly awful.  Amazingly hard.  Amazingly incomprehensible.  Amazingly exhausting.  I think the key to surviving and not giving in when the middle of the night desperation calls, is the connection you have- to your friends. To your roots.  To your support.  To your girls who have walked before you and those who will walk behind you.  Talk about it.  Reach out.  We're right there beside you. And we're totally ready to hold you up.