Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Well, I've only heard him say 'boobies' a few times..."

...and that's the very best thing I heard all vacation.  My friend Leslie said it about Demon- we were discussing how strangely well behaved both of my children had been- and except for a few sporadic 'boobies' here and there and the spitting incident at Sea World ('boobies' happened to our waitress at the hotel during breakfast- she asked Demon if he wanted syrup to which he replied 'boobies.' No idea, people) they were pretty darned good.  For my kids.

We went to Texas, which was awesome because that is my very favorite state.
First, I thought Frank and I made a terrible mistake underestimating the power of my children to stay awake on sheer willpower and sugar- we woke them up at 1:00am and put their little butts in the car hoping they would sleep the majority of the way.  Of course, you guessed it, they talked like machine guns for about 30 minutes.  (where do they get that, anyway?!) After they finally fell asleep, I dozed a little, making Frank promise to wake me in Dallas so I could wave to all of our friends (hello to my sister from another mister Kelly and her family, my former E50 block party participants Karen and Rob, etc.)  Anyway, after waving, I fell asleep until we had breakfast somewhere around Austin.  I love how that works.

The best part of our trip was that it started on Friday 13th, which happens to be my lucky day.  And it was such an amazing day- I saw my babies as they tentatively and briefly dipped their toes in the ocean for the first time (there were a bazillion jellyfish) AND we-- hold your breath-- toured one of the most haunted places in America, the USS Lexington. I know.  Evil girl heaven.

The next day we ventured to Port Aransas which was the best part of the trip for me- I loved how laid back and relaxed everything was.  I also loved the fact that Texas sells wine in GROCERY stores AND they have liquor stores with drive through windows.  I made Frank buy wine at every grocery store we went to, just because he could.  Plus, I  like wine. 

AND we had some awesome traveling buddies- our friends Cole and Leslie and their babies.  What's great about traveling around other families is that their littles entertain your littles so there's more time for things like Mexican Martinis.  (I love Leslie because she is funny as hell and she loves 'mommy's happy hour' as much as I do- it was a win-win for me.)

In Corpus Christi, I ordered wine from room service (vacation fantasy #1) and I drank in on the balcony overlooking the haunted ship and a perfectly deserted beach (vacation fantasy #2). Another night, the boys collected crabs from the beach (which I'm sure is one of their vacation fantasies, but it's not even in my top 20) We ended the vacation in San Antonio, which could not have been more perfect- or any hotter.  I'm not kidding- it was hotter than hell there. Seriously.  It was fucking HOT.

The drive home was even tolerable, although I did threaten to stab Frank in the neck with a fork periodically.  Sorry.  I soooo needed a nap.

Next?  The spitting at Sea World story and what I think of waterparks and truck stop bathrooms.