Friday, June 1, 2012

Chocolate Ding Dong!

Anyone who has parented a three year old knows their penchant for public embarrassment.  They don't possess the self consciousness to get embarrassed...EVER... so that leaves the burden on shoulders of mommies all across the world. And that, my friends, is truly fucked up.

Over the last few weeks, 'Demon' aka the littlest Baby C, has entertained us with the catchphrase 'chocolate ding dong!'  Apparently it's a really useful catchphrase because it has become his standard reply to everything.  Sometimes, he surprises us by throwing in the occasional 'chocolate butthole', but for the most part, he is all chocolate ding dong, all the time.

Earlier this week, the littles and I were catching minnows at the creek.  Some teenage girls from a nearby neighborhood came by and gave us a friendly wave.  Demon, ever the ladies man, asked them "Hey do you see my face?"  They giggled and said they did to which he replied "Chocolate ding dong."

In Wal Mart, we ran into a mother and daughter I knew from the eldest Baby C's elementary school.  "Is this your little brother?"  the young girl asked my older son.  Demon looked at them and said proudly "Chocolate ding dong."

This is a little glimpse into the recent conversations at my house:

Me:  What do you want to eat, Demon?

Demon:  Chocolate ding dong!

Me:  Where are your pants, Demon?

Demon: Chocolate ding dong!

Me:  Where is that God awful smell coming from, Demon?

Demon:  Chocolate ding dong!

Honestly, this reminds me of a time when the eldest Baby C was about the same age.  Whenever someone spoke to him in public, he stuck his finger knuckle deep in his nose.  Every.  Single. Time. No fucking idea why he did that either.  Once again, my children have rendered me speechless.  I have no clue where he got this or why he thinks it is so funny.  All I know is that it's making it's way into his baby book for sure.