Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

First I would like to say that this has, by far, been the best and busiest summer vacation ever.  It seems like only yesterday I was bitching about how long summer vacation was gonna be and hiding wine in various locations around the house in case of a terrible wine shortage type emergency.  I was dreading it for two reasons:  the Baby C's.  I haven't spent a summer alone with my children since...ever.

This summer I discovered that the biggest Baby C has incredible powers of persuasion.  So powerful, that I'm convinced he'll grow up to be some incredibly shady criminal defense attorney.  Which will come in handy because I also confirmed my suspicion that the babiest Baby C is preparing for a future career as leader of a crime syndicate or possibly a rock star with a penchant for black toenail polish and pantyhose. 

I discovered that I won't explode or end up with an alcohol problem that even the Betty can't handle if I go on vacation with my kids.  In a car.  And hotel rooms.  With Frank driving.  I sorely underestimated my attraction to deserted beaches and haunted ships and all things frightening like giant crabs lumbering across the beach at 1am and $3 Apple Mojitos.  It was perfectly wonderful- and when you start a vacation on Friday the 13th it can't be anything but perfect, right? 

Also,  I learned that it's impossible for my kids to embarrass me by saying things like 'boobies', 'chocolate ding dong' or 'do you think my mom is hot'.  I do however get embarrassed when one of my son's friends walks through my closed bedroom door and into my bathroom closet while I'm changing clothes.  What is seen cannot be unseen.  Poor kid.

This has been the summer of the most incredibly surprising and wonderful friendships-  I discovered that I'm a happier, more productive and slightly less bitchy person with them around. Now I have people in my life that I never thought I would have.  And I've lost people I thought I would never lose.  I've learned to cherish what I have and let the rest go. I've enjoyed lending a shoulder to the people I love. And I've enjoyed not being embarrassed when I need a shoulder to lean on.  I have an amazing group of friends (and family) I can be 100% myself with- and that says a lot because I'm weird as fuck. Honestly, though- they're weird as fuck, too.  Funny how we all ended up together.

This has been the summer of discovering things about myself that surprised me.  Of changing, evolving beliefs and of being excited about what the rest of my life holds.  It's taught me the value of being real- really, really real. And honest.  And it's taught me the value of accepting what's really real about other people, too.